OncoMetrix provides comprehensive hematopathology test offerings with outstanding customer service.  Our approach is simple….provide the answers clinicians need one patient at a time.  Our hematopathologists direct the workflow of each case from the moment the specimen reaches our lab.  Our team reviews each patient’s clinical history, the clinician’s diagnosis under consideration, and the quality of each specimen to determine the clinically relevant tests needed to yield a definitive and actionable diagnosis.  We understand that the patient is waiting for an answer, which is why OncoMetrix is dedicated to delivering industry leading turn-around-times in the most cost effective manner.   Our commitment to quality and service is delivered in a number of ways:

Diagnostic Excellence

  • Hematopathologist driven workflow based upon patient history and clinical necessity
  • Exclusive focus on hematopathology
  • State-of-the-art laboratory with all core testing performed under one roof
  • Comprehensive diagnostic reports that correlate all testing platforms and results according to World Health Organization (WHO) Classifications

Industry Leading Service

  • Immediate telephone access to board-certified hematopathologists through our customer service hotline (877) 670-4363
  • Guaranteed preliminary pathology results within 24 hours
  • Clear and concise color-coded reports for easy interpretation of patient results
  • All acute cases and unexpected results are handled immediately by a hematopathologist
  • Comprehensive managed care coverage nationwide including contracts with all federally funded programs, and national and local carriers
  • Digital photomicrographs on all reports to help relate targeted features
  • On-site billing and customer service departments offer quick response time and resolution from customer and patient inquiries
  • EMR, EHR, LIS and PMS integration services for electronic ordering and reporting
  • Nationwide courier network options for easy packaging and shipping of patient specimens to our laboratory
  • Various billing and payment options for both insured and uninsured patients, including easy online web payments via credit card

Our service menu includes the following testing capabilities:

  • Microscopy/Morphology – OncoMetrix has a comprehensive list of special stains and immunohistochemisty (IHC) antibodies on its menu.  Each specimen is processed systematically so that only the required stains and IHC antibodies are ordered.
  • 8-Color/10-Parameter Flow Cytometry – Our technology and experience increases the ability to handle difficult specimens, yielding quicker TAT and more cost-effective analysis.  OncoMetrix offers flow cytometry testing on blood, bone marrow, cerebral spinal fluid, effusions, fine needle aspirates, and tissues.  Our menu includes global testing, TC/PC flow cytometry and the following panels:
    • Minimal Residual Disease Profile
    • PNH (Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria) Profile
    • CLL Diagnostic/Prognostic Panel
  • Cytogenetics – OncoMetrix performs cytogenetics in-house and utilizes special techniques to optimize culture growth to increase the probability of detecting clonal abnormalities and disease.  We also offer constitutional cytogenetic analysis testing.
  • Fluorescent In-Situ Hybridization/In-Situ Hybridization – We offer a comprehensive menu of probes and panels.  OncoMetrix utilizes cell enrichment techniques for plasma cell disorders to isolate these hard to find cells.  Should you need additional information about our available FISH probes and panels, please contact our client service department for immediate assistance.
  • Molecular Genetics – OncoMetrix offers a diverse menu of molecular testing options that covers a broad range of diseases.

OncoMetrix’s Molecular Assay Menu includes some of the following:

  • B-Cell and T-Cell Clonality by PCR
  • BCR/ABL by qRT-PCR
  • Kinase Domain Mutation Analysis
  • BRAF Gene Mutation
  • CEBPA Mutation Analysis
  • cKit Exons 9&17 with reflex to KIT D816V
  • cMPL (MPD/MPN who are neg for JAK2 [v617F])
  • FLT-3 and FLT-3/NPM-1 Mutation
  • IgVH Somatic Hypermutation Analysis
  • JAK-2 [V617] with Reflex to JAK-2 [Exon 12] if JAK-2 (V617 neg)
  • KRAS Gene Mutation
  • Microsatellite Instability for Colorectal Cancer
  • NPM-1 by RT-PCR
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